You Can't Go Home Again
Jimmy Donnelly being honored by his friends.

Episode Name:

You Can't Go Home Again




Samantha Howard Corbin


Donna Deitch

Broadcast Date:

October 22, 2001

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Loyalty stokes Jordan's desire to figure out how a hero firefighter, Jimmy Donnelly, who was also her childhood best friend, died battling a suspicious blaze. Despite warnings from both her disapproving superior, Dr. Grace Yakura, and homicide detective Eddie Winslow, Jordan asks Max to help her investigate, but they are disappointed at the direction in which the evidence points. Meanwhile, Garret attempts to think like a 17-year-old in the hopes of finding the perfect birthday gift for his daughter, Abby, and Trey and Bug search for a reason why the laughter died when they do an autopsy on Lily's favorite TV clown.


Main CastEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • Trey Sanders -Mahershala Ali
  • Seamus - Aaron D. Spears
  • Pat Donnelly - Stanley Anderson
  • Mitch - Kelly Cole
  • Jimmy Donnelly - Tom Bresnahan
  • Blackie - Alan Feinstein
  • Evelyn - Lois Nettleton
  • Dr. Grace Yukara - Tamlyn Tomita
  • Gloria - Marlene Forte


Jordan: "Listen, not that burn victims aren't fascinating cases, but c'mon, I got two decomps last week and now this?"
Yakura: "There are no bad cases, only bad coroners."
Jordan: "You read that on a coffee mug somewhere?"
Yakura: "What can I tell you? Monday's are a bitch."
Jordan: "They sure are."


Evelyn: "You're free to come in, but not with those." (Jordan is holding police reports)
Jordan: "Look, I know you don't like to upset him and I respect that."
Evelyn: "Really? I haven't really noticed an awful lot of respect from you."


Lily has just read the "cause of death" in the autopsy report, stating that tertiary syphilis enlarged the aortic valves and pericardium of "Uncle Ha Ha" (Sydney Mendelbaum) and caused his death:

Lily: "That's beautiful."
Trey?: (or Bug?:) "It is?!?"
Lily: (openly crying) "He died because his HEART was too big!!!"