Det. Woodrow Hoyt
Woody Main


Woodrow Wilson Hoyt


1972 or 1973 (is mentioned to be 28 in season 2)




Woody, Milly, Honey



Known Relatives

Calvin Hoyt (Brother)

Portrayed by

Jerry O'Connell

First appearance

Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Last Appearance


Woodrow Wilson 'Woody' Hoyt is a police detective from Wisconsin who often works with Jordan on her cases. Woody is also known to harbor romantic feelings for Jordan, who resists, preferring friendship because she believes it to be safer. On Jordan's birthday, Woody gave her a diamond ring, a gesture that, according to Nigel, shows that Woody wants more from their relationship, but Jordan declined the ring. Premiered in the episode "Wrong Place, Wrong Time", he became a regular in Season 4. On the final episode of Season 4 ("Jump Push Fall"), Woody was shot by a cop killer and nearly died in the hospital, an event that prompted Jordan to confess her love. Many fans considered this a big step in the right direction for their relationship, but a recovering Woody turned her down, believing her declaration of romantic feelings to be motivated by pity. When a case took him to Las Vegas, he started a flirtatious relationship with Sam Marquez. Based on events which happened in Season 4 episode of Las Vegas "History of Violins," the relationship seems to be off, although he was apparently invited by Sam to Delinda Deline's wedding. He has a younger brother, Calvin a recovering alcoholic and drug addict who is always getting into trouble.


Woody is loyal to his friends (especially to Jordan) and takes his job very seriously. While Woody is a nice person, he can be incredibly judgmental towards people with mental illnesses; referring to them as "nutjobs" and "crazy people" and almost automatically suspects them as the number 1 suspect in any case.