The Ties That Bind
Bug and Nigel working on a corpse.

Episode Name:

The Ties That Bind




Tim Kring


Allan Arkush

Broadcast Date:

October 8, 2001

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Jordan goes to prison where she attempts to piece together a scenario to confirm her hunch that the torso of a raped, murdered, and dismembered woman belonged to a corrections officer killed on the job. Ironically, Jordan's home life seems too confining as the stress of staying with her father, Max, and his new girlfriend, Evelyn, causes Jordan to clash with her colleague, Trey. Meanwhile, Garret fears he may be dealing with an 85-year-old "black widow" and Bug dreads informing another woman of the death-by-auto-erotic-asphyxiation cause of her husband's death.


Main CastEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • Cosgrove - Brian Howe
  • Earl Lewis - Leon Russom
  • Mrs. Flynn - Patricia Place
  • Gail Horton - Susan Walters
  • Father Lynch - Christopher Cousins
  • Woodshop Supervisor - Greg Allen Johnson
  • Inmate #1 - Clark Sanchez
  • Evelyn - Lois Nettleton
  • Gloria - Marlene Forte


Prison Lady: "This is a Level Five institution. We house over eight hundred convicted murderers and rapists.."
Jordan: "Well, I guess we won’t be hurting for suspects."


Jordan: "What time is it?"
Evelyn: "6:30."
Jordan: "And this is your normal vacuuming time?"


Evelyn: "You go back to sleep."
Jordan: "No, no, I'm up. I have to be at work in *looks at her watch* three hours anyway."


Garret: "Morning, I just spoke to the deputy commissioner of the department of corrections. She called to thank me for our generous help with that DNA dragging up at Develin yesterday."
Jordan: "Actually, about that Garret..."
Garret: "Naturally, being the crack administrator that I am, I pretended to know what the hell she was talking about 'cause I can’t for the life of me remember authorizing 200 of our DNA kits."
Trey: "You never asked him?"


Lily: "I heard she OD'd on the same drug that she used on her husband."
Garret: "That's right."
Lily: "Wow, that's so beautiful."
Garret: "Beautiful?"
Lily: "To love someone so much, for so long, that at the end it’s like your both living one life. To know that once that person is gone, you can’t help but cease to exist. What’s more beautiful than that?"