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1x01 Jordan Gets Call

Episode Name:





Tim Kring


Allan Arkush

Broadcast Date:

September 24, 2001

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The Dawn of a New Day


1x01 Jordan Gets Ready in Airport

Jordan dries her hair in the airport bathroom.

While attending an anger management class, and not being able to hold down a job, forensic pathologist Jordan Cavanaugh receives a call from her old boss, Garret Macy, about getting her job as a medical examiner back. Meanwhile, Garret who is dealing with the death of his ailing mother and losing a promotion to a colleague, begins to debate if he even wants to remain at his job. When a young Jane Doe is found dead in an alley frequented by prostitutes, Jordan makes a startling discovery. Even more startling is how the Jane Doe is connected to a city councilman who committed suicide, and where the murder evidence leads.


Main CastEdit

Guest CastEdit

  • Barney Reynolds - Howard Hesseman
  • Dr. Candace Mclntyre - Meta Golding
  • Steven Browing - Daniel Quinn
  • Kirsta Browing - Jane Fleiss
  • Martin Bishop - Dennis Bailey
  • Nanny Officer - Roxana Brusso
  • Tech Specialist - Vic Chao
  • Sarah Browing - Elizabeth Ellen Rice
  • Tamara Bishop - Jacqueline Schultz
  • Evelyn - Lois Nettleton
  • Gloria - Marlene Forte


Garret: "It's nice to see you still dress for success."
Jordan: "I wanted to make a good first impression."
Garret: "You didn't five years ago; why should now be any different?"


Garret: "Five jobs in four years. That's impressive."
Jordan: "You know me. Short attention span."


Max: "What happened to LA? Oh, Jordan, jeez. You can't go through life poking everybody but God in the eye."
Jordan: "You did."
Max: "Yeah, look where it got me."


Garret: "You want my career advice… because here it is. Don’t follow in your father’s footsteps. Don’t follow in anyone’s footsteps. Don’t become a doctor 'cause your mother wants you to become a doctor or 'cause your father never once said he loved you in his whole entire life."


Jordan: "I get all worked up about things. I care too much about my case and it gets me in trouble. That's why my life is a disaster half of the time. I've got no editor in my brain."


Jordan: "Truth is, I don't care if I die. That's my whole problem. That's what the shrink told me when I was fifteen."

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